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Wuxi Doon Grain engineering technology co., LTD. is a "national high-tech enterprise" and "Jiangsu technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise" with the capability of new technology innovation and research, professional engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and general contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment in the field of food processing engineering. Our company consists of the following departments: grain engineering department, food bulk engineering department, machinery manufacturing department, electrical engineering department and international trade department. Our main businesses are: 1) technology R&D of grain and oil storage, loading and unloading of agricultural and sideline products, mixing and the processing technology and consulting, design, manufacturing and mechanical and general contracting of electrical installation engineering construction of wheat, rice, complete sets of equipment for grain processing and automation devices 2) The integrated solution of intelligent handling, transportation, screening, batching, mixing, feeding and other processes of modern factory bulk packaging raw materials, such as ready-mix flour, whole grain flour, rice noodle food, biological fermentation, snack food, pet feed, seasoning, etc. 3) Manufacturing and sales of automatic loading and unloading, transportation, screening, measurement, batching, adding, mixing, feeding, heat treatment and other core equipment with independent intellectual property rights 4) domestic sales commercial agent of well-known brands of grain, oil and food processing and...

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